Frequently Asked Questions

What is a singing telegram?
To begin with, it's much more than someone showing up and singing a song. Each performance is customized specifically for the occasion, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, or to say "I love you". There are several telegram packages to choose from and performances will range from 5 to 16 minutes. Each package includes a song, a party hat and horn for the recipient and a balloon bouquet. You may also choose to add personalized material and improv to embarrass, amuse, and surprise the recipient, as well as a digitally recorded DVD of the telegram to give as a gift or keep as blackmail!

Where do you deliver?
We will deliver to your home, office, a restaurant, hospital, school, or just about any place where we won't get arrested! However, if you are scheduling a telegram at an office or school, we suggest you call someone there to make sure it's OK. We go anywhere in the Central Minnesota area and even to the Twin Cities and beyond if need be!

Can I make an appointment for a specific time?
Yes. Your entertainer will typically arrive within 15 minutes of your desired time frame. In the unlikely event that there is a delay or other problem, the entertainer will have your phone number and will contact you to keep you informed.

Can I deliver a singing telegram to a party with children present?
Absolutely! You choose the character, you choose the rating. Our performances can range from a "G" version to rated "R", but are always fun and appropriate for your specific event. Our performers have years of stage experience, can creatively think on their feet, and are great at improv! They know how to read a situation and an audience to mazimize the fun. We do not employ strippers, perform sexually explicit acts, or have nudity in our performaces.

How far in advance should I schedule my telegram?
We will, and very often can, schedule telegrams the same day if necessary. However, there are certain days and times that are in higher demand than others so the sooner you schedule your telegram the better chance you have to get the character, date, and time you'd like for you event.

What if I have to cancel my telegram?
We require 48 hours notice for cancellations. If you make a reservation with less than 48 hours notice, you'll be charged full price if you cancel. However, we will allow you to reschedule within two weeks for just a $25 rescheduling charge.